About Polygonia!

Hi! Thanks for visiting the Polygonia Designs store and wanting to learn more about the story!


I like geometric patterns. A lot. I like them so much I decided to write an application so I could easily create them. I was inspired by a visit to The Smithsonian, in Washington DC. I saw an exhibit of geometric panels and screens by an artist from the Turquoise Mountain region of Afghanistan. Triangles, hexagons, diamonds, squares, all interlocking in one way or another. They were beautiful. I loved it.

Museum Exhibit

Polygonia Inspiration

I wanted to create my own panels with triangles and hexagons. I sat down with a big pad of graph paper and a hazy memory of my high school geometry and started sketching. Eventually a light bulb turned on, and I had a plan that just might work. After about five months I was able to export a design file that I could use with a laser cutter to create the first design from my new software.

The First Polygonia Piece

 First Polygonia Design

I picked the name “Polygonia” because it started with the word “polygon”. Only later did I find out it is also the name of a butterfly. I wanted to share my software. I created a website, Polygonia.design, so that anyone could explore and create with symmetry. When I talk to people about Polygonia.design and show them what it can do and what I made I sometimes hear, “I like your software, but where can I buy the scarf or the bag?”

At the Maker Faire in Northern Virginia

The Store

I created the Polygonia Designs Store for anyone who simply wants a cool, unique geometric pattern in their life! I started with scarves, because I wear them. And bags, because I like them. And then I decided to add headbands, shirts, and leggings.

Manufacture on Demand

Everything is manufactured on demand. The Polygonia Designs Store does not have inventory or a warehouse or even a closet with products already made. The products do not exist until you order them. Then they are created just for you! This is the magic of manufacture on demand. 


The Polygonia Designs Store partners with Art of Where:  "Art of Where is a team of employees dedicated to making your products to the highest standards. We print, cut, sew, and package your orders from our studios in Montreal, Canada. Our daily mantra is quality workmanship and quick turnaround. We are committed to being the behind-the-scenes team that builds your business."

Return Policy

Unfortunately the Polygonia Designs Store can not accept returns. Each product is create specifically for you when you order it.